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the Norbaforce Data Pad

the Norbaforce Data Pad


An elegant desk brick for data jockeys

This is my last aftermarket housing for Topre keyboards, designed to provide a luxurious home for the rare and wonderful Topre 23U (white, black) numpad. It is being offered in a single limited pre-order, slated to ship by the summer, with manufacturing of some components already underway. Once each finish is sold through, no further will be available.

Like its larger sibling the Norbaforce Mark II (sold out), the Norbaforce Data Pad uses a breakout PCB to create a USB Mini port so that a detachable USB data cable can be used. The Data Pad has the same typing angle (3 degrees) as the Norbaforce Mark II with its risers installed.

The Enigma Black and K2 finishes are durable textured powder coats applied on top of individually CNC-milled aluminum. Veracity Steel is stainless steel, hand-polished to a mirror finish. Because it has no coating, Veracity can be refinished by any metal polisher or jeweler and is thus indefinitely maintainable over a lifetime.

Each data pad comes with a heavy matching stainless steel rear cover plate (and Enigma Black on Veracity) with a through-hole for accessing the dip swiches on the 23U PCB. A breakout PCB, non-marring rubber bumpons, hardware kit, and wool felt acoustic dampener are all included. A hand-signed and individually-numbered product passport will also be included with each Data Pad.

This is a DIY kit that requires invaliding your 23U warranty (at your own risk), but of course we're always here with friendly help and support if any questions arise during your build.

This housing is a pre-order item, currently in manufacturing. These spots will simply be available until they sell out. The housings should ship sometime in the winter.