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Norbatouch Mark II: Self-Evident-Truths Edition

Norbatouch Mark II: Self-Evident-Truths Edition


The Norbatouch is an aftermarket housing for the much-beloved Cooler Master Novatouch keyboard, which uses Topre switches and Cherry-MX compatible sliders. (The Novatouch is sold separately and is no longer manufactured, but they fairly regularly come up for sale on eBay and /r/MechMarket.)

This frosted polycarbonate edition was originally released on 4 July 2020 and is making a limited 2021 return with this small batch pre-order, slated to ship around mid-autumn or earlier.

This new Mark II variant of the Norbatouch uses screws to affix the conical risers rather than threading the risers themselves, along with a couple of other subtle improvements to get better threading and machining results in polycarbonate resin.

Unlike previous versions, this production batch includes a Merino wool felt acoustic dampener by default.

This housing is also compatible with the Cooler Master MasterKeys Pro S, a Cherry MX keyboard.


The finish on these is hand-sanded and then finely frosted, which preserves the ice-like translucency of the material.