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Norbaforce Mark II: Ghost-of-Christmas-Future Edition

Norbaforce Mark II: Ghost-of-Christmas-Future Edition


This is a special frosted polycarbonate version of the Norbaforce Mark II aftermarket housing for Realforce TKL keyboards.

Each Norbaforce Mark II requires an additional breakout PCB that matches the Realforce keyboard you intend to use with it. (Please be sure to add one to your order.)

These boards have been upgraded from the original prototype (shown in the photo with the wreath background) to use a stainless steel rear cover plate with a textured white powder coat, which enormously improves the acoustics of the board. You may also like to add an acoustic dampener.


This item was offered on Christmas Day 2019 (better times!), exclusively to subscribers of my newsletter.

It is currently sold out and, with apologies, unlikely to make a return.


The finish on these is hand-sanded and then medium-frosted, which preserves the ice-like translucency of the material. It is not quite as aggressively blasted as some polycarb keyboards, but it doesn't look unfinished either.


This housing fits both the older 87U and newer R2 family of Realforce keyboards from the high-end Japanese keyboard maker Topre.