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Norbaforce Mark II: Ghost-of-Christmas-Future Edition

Norbaforce Mark II: Ghost-of-Christmas-Future Edition


This is a special frosted polycarbonate version of the Norbaforce Mark II aftermarket housing for Realforce TKL keyboards.

It was commissioned by two dear friends of mine (keyboard streamers both) on a recent trip we took to take in the vintage California Christmas vibes at Disneyland. They had both been urging me to consider polycarbonate as a material for some time, and perhaps because the context put me in a holiday frame of mind, it occurred to me that frosted polycarbonate looks strikingly like carved ice. So I came up with the idea of offering a tiny production run as special edition exclusively on this ancient winter holiday. And so here we are. 😊🎄


This item was offered on Christmas Day 2019 exclusively to subscribers of my newsletter. If any units are showing in stock above, they are recently-arrived replacements from the factory from that original order and will ship on the next US business day.

UPDATE: My apologies, but these are once again sold out. I had 21 extras announced to my newsletter list on 3 July 2020, but these all sold out within minutes of my sending that email. 😅 Stay tuned for more limited-edition offerings soon.


The finish on these is hand-sanded and then medium-frosted, which preserves the ice-like translucency of the material. It is not quite as aggressively blasted as some polycarb keyboards, but it doesn't look unfinished either.


This housing fits both the older 87U and newer R2 family of Realforce keyboards from the high-end Japanese keyboard maker Topre.

These one-offs will not ship in my customary gift boxes (because, alas, I'm out). A Realforce keyboard itself is, of course, not included.