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"Liberated" Rapid-i Keyboard for CNC case

"Liberated" Rapid-i Keyboard for CNC case



This is a CoolerMaster Rapid-i keyboard that has been removed from its case and is ready for installation in a custom CNC aluminum housing like the ones being made in this group buy.

It has Cherry MX red switches.

Aluminum housing not included.

Only one available. 

Upon request, I will hold and install it in a case for you if you buy one at the same time.


  • Fully Mechanical CHERRY MX Red Key switches
  • Ten keyless Form Factor - A compact, ergonomic design makes it easy for travel and allows you to keep your mouse arm closer to your body for enhanced comfort
  • Fully White LED Backlit - Total Illumination for Complete Visibility in Low-Light Environments
  • Activity Technology - Instant Response and trailing light effects, powered by a 32-bit ARM processor
  • Individual Key Lighting - Save up to 4 different lighting profiles for different games or usages
  • N-Key Rollover - Registers an unlimited amount of simultaneous key presses