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the Heavy-6

the Heavy-6


A Formidable Endgame for the FC660C

Perhaps gravitas is a good term for it: an object that, by sheer virtue of its weight, commands respect and attention. The Heavy-6 is my answer to the inherent density and compact nature of Leopold's beautiful FC660C keyboard. This housing (along with its optional custom carry case) aims, quite simply, to be the ultimate after-market upgrade for that widely esteemed keyboard. With the keyboard installed, the custom CNC-machined Heavy-6 weighs in at over 7 pounds in its all-steel form—dubbed the Monolith—and at over 4 pounds otherwise.

If you're new to my work, check out the kind praise I've won from existing clients.

Note: Many finishes are sold out. The remaining few units that are currently for sale are in stock and ship the next business day.


I'm offering this design in a highly-curated selection of materials and finishes. All versions include a stainless steel backplate for added weight. The Monolith version currently on offer features entirely stainless steel parts with powder coating. All other versions feature an aluminum upper housing and lightly textured powder-coated steel backplate. Each version includes my discreet metal, hand-enameled Portcullis maker's mark on the rear of the case, in a complementary color. 

Maritime: a matte blue powder-coat—white Portcullis badge. 

Aperture: a powder-coated hammertone texture, evocative of the finish used on certain vintage Leica cameras and high-end Japanese tripods—gray Portcullis badge.

Royal wrinkle: This textured matte black wrinkle powder coat is evocative of midcentury typewriters and electrical equipment housings (video here).

Monolith with Enigma Gray Coating an astonishingly heavy all-steel housing with a powder-coated medium-gray texture—purple Portcullis badge.

Custom carry brief option. Made in California.

This ballistic nylon carry bag with soft calfskin leather accents was specifically designed to fit the Heavy-6. It features MOLLE loops at the front, an interior zippered cable pocket, gray tech suede lining, seat-belt style webbing, and military-style snap hooks. Polished gunmetal zipper and slider hardware. 

The hand-embroidered patch at the front features my Portcullis maker's mark. It is removable via Velcro for an unbranded look. This style of metal-wire hand-embroidery is an ancient handicraft of India, which eventually made its way to Europe to become a traditional part of French and British military regalia and liturgical vestments. (Note that, unfortunately, this bag's patch velcro isn't compatible with the TKL Bag patches that I'm selling separately related to another project, but you can always make any normal patch work with this bag by applying adhesive velcro wool to the back of the patch.) 

The patch pack includes two swappable hand-embroidered goldwork patches representing the Topre and Cherry MX switches, reading "Thock" and "Click," respectively, along with a spare Norbauer portcullis logo patch. Because each is handmade and each artist's interpretation is unique, there may be some variation from the photos and the actual patches you get. These patches are compatible with the Heavy-6 Ballistic Carry Brief only.

Technical specs

The Heavy-6 is compatible with only the Leopold FC660C (not included) keyboard. It has the same angle between desk and typing surface as the original keyboard itself. The Heavy-6 is Hasu-controller compatible. 

Et alia

This is a DIY kit, keyboard not included, which requires you to remove your FC660C from its stock plastic housing. This may invalidate your keyboard warranty, and by purchasing you agree to take on that project and its results at your own risk. (But, of course, that's also part of the fun.) Assembly is straightforward and I'm here to answer any questions if any questions arise during your install.