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Hand-embroidered Goldwork Patch

Hand-embroidered Goldwork Patch


Show your switch-type pride with these onomatopoeic and swappable 60mm Velcro-backed patches, which are compatible with the Norbauer Keybrief*. They can also be attached to any Velcro wool, such as the many hats and bags designed to accept military-style patches.

Each badge is sewn individually by hand by a skilled artist who painstakingly threads into place metal wires in patterns to form the graphical design. This style of metal-wire hand-embroidery, sometimes called "Goldwork," is an ancient handicraft of the Orient, which eventually made its way to Europe to become a traditional part of French and British military regalia and liturgical vestments. 

Note that the artist making each badge may interpret the model slightly differently, so there may be some variations in the wire patterns and border styles shown relative to the sample image, but the general graphical theme is always the same.


*not compatible with the Heavy-6 bag