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Keyboard with custom tan aluminum housing

Keyboard with custom tan aluminum housing


A new luxury home for your Cherry MX-compatible keycaps. 

This set comes with everything you need to build a full high-end mechanical keyboard for a set of custom keycaps. It comes with one of our much-praised CNC-machined aluminum housings in a bespoke textured powder-coat tan finish, which is applied right here in Silicon Valley. It is the perfect complement to the Galaxy Class keyset currently for sale by Roddenberry Entertainment.

This keyboard has a "tenkeyless" configuration (i.e., no number pad). Your order will include a Cooler Master MasterKeys S PBT keyboard in its retail packaging, along with a hefty aluminum housing designed to fit it. You'll need to disassemble the keyboard from its stock plastic housing and place it into the metal housing, which is an easy process that only requires you to have Philips-head screwdriver.

Matching screw-in riser feet are included for optional use with the housing if you prefer to use your keyboard at an inclined angle.

Not sure which switch to buy? Brown is the safest bet for most people, but here is some more info

Ship date

This is a group buy (pre-order), running all of November 2017. After the close of the group buy, the housing for your keyboard will be machined and finished to order. Your combined order will ship Spring 2018. In the event that we don't get enough orders to meet factory minimums by the end of the group buy, full refunds will be issued.


The product photos show one of our housings for another Cooler Master keyboard. The Master Keys S that you will receive has an almost identical design, except for three added LEDs. The case you receive will be optimized for the Master Keys S and will have holes for those LEDs. Stock black PBT Cooler Master keycaps are included; the multi-colored Galaxy Class keycaps shown are not included but are available separately from Roddenberry Entertainment.

These are the components for a DIY project. Removing the Cooler Master keyboard from its stock plastic housing will void its warranty; by purchasing you agree to do this entirely at your own risk.

Financing available to eligible parties at checkout through PayPal Credit.