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In-stock Norbatouches - r2.5 extras

In-stock Norbatouches - r2.5 extras


The ultimate case for your Cooler Master mechanical keyboard.

These few remaining cases from r2.5 are in stock and ready to ship.

After the very successful first two rounds of these cases, dubbed by many folks "the Norbatouch case," it turns out that folks seem to be really into them. So, after a barrage of friendly requests, I've decided to offer them one more time. :)

These CNC aluminum cases are for Cooler Master "Tenkeyless"/TKL (i.e., no numpad) keyboards. They allow you to replace the stock injection-molded ABS plastic case with a hefty, beautiful custom-machined aluminum housing. 

These cases are custom designed to fit only the following Cooler Master TKL models:

It seems like CoolerMaster is standardizing on making all their new TKL boards with these identical plates, so these cases may also prove forward-compatible.


    Bead-blasted and anodized

    • Aerospace Aluminum a silver-colored finish similar to those on Apple products
    • Tactical Black a pure black dye

    Bespoke powder-coat finishes

    • Retro Refrigerator (overwhelming community favorite from r2) a sort of green-shifted powder blue—medium gloss with no texture
    • Retro Refrigerator matte same as above, but with a matte finish.
    • Enigma Black a gentle textured black, reminiscent of 1940s-era electronics
    • Royal Wrinkle a more aggressive black wrinkle texture, similar to vintage Royal typewriters
    • Galaxy console a textured finish which complements the forthcoming Galaxy Class keyset from 
    • Space Station White a pure white
    • Monte Carlo Red an aggressive red wrinkle coat designed to evoke the finish on Ferrari engine blocks
    • Venice beach a totally-not-messing-around hot pink
    • Astrophysical purple a dark purple with silver metallic specks
    • Enigma gray a steel gray, flat/no-gloss, medium texture

    Riser feet now included at no extra charge

    If you prefer to use your keyboard with a slope, screw-in feet are now included in this group buy at no extra charge (a $15 add-on in the last group buy). They raise the keyboard's angle to approximately that of the stock CoolerMaster case (when its own flip-out feet are not deployed).

    How they're made 

    These cases are being machined in the high-tech hub of China: Shenzhen, the "Silicon Valley of hardware." They are made by a company I have worked with on numerous projects in the past, so I can vouch that they know their trade very well. The cases will be CNC machined in enormous vertical mills that ensure high rigidity, which is very important to a good final finish. They are then meticulously deburred and hand-finished according to the finish you choose. They are made with a combination of very high-tech production methods and some very skilled hand work as well.

    Here's a video I made on the round-one production process:

    Power coat finishes are applied by an expert shop in Silicon Valley. I went through about ten different providers, in the USA and China, before settling on this as the highest-quality workshop.

    So obviously...

    This is a case only. Keyboard plate, PCB, and keycaps not included (the ones shown in the photos are for illustration purposes only). Since this is a made-to-order item, sales are final.

    This is an after-market modification that requires invalidating your warranty to install; you do this at your own risk.