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After-school 1992: Keyboard Action Playset for Adults

After-school 1992: Keyboard Action Playset for Adults



Techno-nostalgia from the 90s Future

In the 1990s, the personal computer and internet as we know them today were born. It was a time of enormous optimism for the future, and a belief that computing (along with increasing global connectivity) was an almost magical phenomenon that would inevitably re-make the world for the better. 

The After-school 1992 keycap set celebrates the optimism and the fanciful aesthetics of that period, gesturing toward Memphis design and the Vaporwave color palette. The sculpted DSS profile and Gorton legends of this double-shot keycap set further evoke vintage computing.

I hope this set will help cast other keyboard enthusiasts back as it does for me: to a period of youthful ebullience in design and hope for the future of technology.

Set contents

USA-made custom keycaps The swappable keycaps that form the core of this set are an aftermarket upgrade for Cherry MX-compatible keyboards (including the Novatouch and Realforce RGB TKL). The caps are molded in ABS resin, individually hand-finished, and inspected in Washington State, USA. The large number and combinations of resin colors make this a very expensive set to produce, but as the photos show the effect is a singular one, and in my view entirely worth it.

Period-appropriate baubles An array of 90s fad objects will be included, featuring custom After-school 1992 artwork: including a pog set, a slap bracelet, and stickers.

Hand-made gift box The completed keycap sets will each ship in a custom shrink-wrapped, EVA-lined luxury gift box, made by hand right here in California. These boxes make for beautiful, two-tiered long-term storage of your set when not in use.

the Heavy-6

Et alia

The keyboard shown in the photos is a VHS-finish Norbaforce Mark II, which is sold separately. Note that you need to already have a Cherry MX-compatible keyboard to use these keycaps. :) This product is not for children.

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