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Norbauer & Co. makes high-end goods for hard-core enthusiasts

High-end productivity instruments that help you show how serious you are about the time spent at your desk


Hi. I'm Ryan, an industrial designer based in Silicon Valley. Focusing on computer, desk, and writing accessories, and the characteristically California aesthetic of Retrofuturism, I endeavor to make rare, high-end objects that elevate everyday tools into totems of beauty, taste, and purpose.

All my life, I have been a collector and connoisseur of such products (from fancy coffee machines to camera lenses), and it pleases me greatly to contribute back in some small way to the world of Deeply Satisfying Everyday Objects. :)

My designs are primarily available here through periodic offerings of limited-edition, made-to-order items within a defined pre-order time window.

People seem to really like my work (for whatever it's worth).

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