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"Wow - well that was quick. I received the case today which took 4 days to the UK including the weekend, unreal! It is AMAZING - so glad I joined the GB, it was not the first Geekhack buy I joined but it's definitely the first one I've received my item from ;)"
—Will in the UK

"Loving the case btw. Completely changes up the board and makes it feel much more premium than before"
—consolelog on GH

"I just wanted to reach out and thank you for making the Coolermaster cases. I received mine and it is absolutely wonderful. Amazing work."
—Sam N

"The second case looks just as gorgeous as the first:... Thank you for making it real!
—Richard in Germany

"Case arrived today and looks fantastic."
—Clifton in Ireland

"Just a quick message here to tell you again how cool is your keyboard case. ... So thanks again for doing all this and for being so open in your process."
—GH member ramnes, in France