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Praise and pics from keyboard enthusiasts


"Norbauer's CM TKL Case is functional art. Period.

The user experience of this product, from unboxing, to assembly, to typing this review is nothing short of stellar.

Packaging alone had passers-by at work stopping in their tracks to ask what it is. Very premium. The case fits so well in the tray carrier, there's a slight vacuum effect, and whistles when you pull the case out. So satisfying!!!

Aluminum texture is slightly rougher than on an Apple product, and the finish is bright, lively, and clean. 

The fit of the plate/PCB is amazing. The fit of the USB port is fantastic. The design for assembly even allows me to really dial in how the two halves align for sticklers like myself. Stick some foam in this, and you'd swear the keys just go into a solid block of aluminum (because it is!!!). No pinging, everything is just S O L I D  &  T H I C K.

Wow, wow, wow. Just wow. THIS is how luxury keyboard products should be."

autobot on GeekHack



Unsolicited comments from clients (I couldn't make these up):

"Your work is an ember of beauty in an often ashen world."
—Tim in Irvine, California

"Despite acquiring many keyboards, of all shapes and sizes, over the years; when serious typing needs to be done, nothing beats my Norbatouch for comfort and satisfaction. You can take it to the office without looking like you got a toy, and it feels so good to use. The subtle texture of enigma makes, running your fingers over the case, almost an erotic feeling."
—GH user "consolation" from New Zealand

DHL came with my case today and good lord, it is awesome! It makes the Novatouch feel hell of a lot more solid!
—pexon from the UK

I just put the keyboard inside and am fascinated what a difference this makes - the whole sound of the keyboard is MUCH different, I'm shocked HOW solid that case feels, really. I'm a mechatronics engineer myself but that build quality is just unbelievably sick.
—Armin in Bavaria, Germany

"Received a motorsport case today. Norbauer never fails to amaze me. What a work of art."
—macclack on Keebtalk

"Wow - well that was quick. I received the case today which took 4 days to the UK including the weekend, unreal! It is AMAZING - so glad I joined the GB, it was not the first Geekhack buy I joined but it's definitely the first one I've received my item from ;)"
—Will in the UK

"Loving the case btw. Completely changes up the board and makes it feel much more premium than before"
—consolelog on GH

"I couldn't decide between [three colors], so I just got all three. ... I just might get a fourth case, even though I don't have a (fourth) [keyboard] to put in it. These cases are that good."
—zslane on GeekHack

"I just wanted to reach out and thank you for making the Coolermaster cases. I received mine and it is absolutely wonderful. Amazing work."
—Sam N

"The second case looks just as gorgeous as the first:... Thank you for making it real!
—Richard in Germany

"Case arrived today and looks fantastic."
—Clifton in Ireland

"Just a quick message here to tell you again how cool is your keyboard case. ... So thanks again for doing all this and for being so open in your process."
—GH member ramnes, in France

"I just received the Norbatouch RR and I am extremely happy with it. ... It was worth the wait for sure."
—Hugo from France

"The bag is absolutely insane I love it so much!"
sinzlr on Instagram

"I had to save up a lot to get this, but it is worth every single penny." 
—Mike in Glasgow, Scotland

"...a moment of exquisite joy and delight. Easily one of the best unboxing experiences I have ever had."
—dagdha on KeebTalk

"The quality is superb, out of my several keyboards this is the one I'm most excited to build. Thanks for creating such an amazing product."
—Nikola in California

"This case is an absolute masterpiece."

"Ryan, you did an amazing job with this beast."

"This case is drop-dead GORGEOUS."

"...the Heavy-6 is perfection. I’m going to say two naughty words, but I think Mr. Norbauer has defined my end game."

"the quality is INCREDIBLE!"

"just wanted to say how phenomenal this case feels and looks. Truly a 'buy it for life' product."
Lucas in Canada

"It's soooo beautiful, the finish is so perfect I'm almost scared of using it (almost) hahaha...I'm speechless. ... I think the norbaforce could be my typing endgame... if feels weird to write that after years of chasing, and I know most likely I will keep chasing new keyboard experiences, but this can be a base, this can be home."
—Carlos in London

"Thank you for caring so deeply. In my cranky old age, I lament so much fine artisanal work being lost to history in the rush to cram disposable products into the market. Your projects are a huge salve to that loss."
—David in Los Angeles

"For the past 5 months, I have been working on and typing on your Heavy-6 Enigma Gray every. single. day. ... It is without a doubt one of the most pleasurable typing experiences I've had, and more often than not brings me slivers of unexpected joy when I'm exhausted, depressed, and overworked 24/7 (it's 4am right now, taking a work break to write this). ... Just wanted to take a moment to let you know personally I appreciate you, what you do, and as silly as it may sound, to let you know that your work brings moments of happiness to those who do their life's work typing on and interacting with your designs. Thank you sir for these moments of joy and contentment."
Alex in Massachusetts

"there’s nothing like norbauer. nothing. the finishes are in a class of their own...." 

"...less about buying a useful computer product and more akin to investing in art. ... a transformative experience that I marvel at every time I turn on my computer."
—A. in San Diego

"In addition to being physically flawless, the Norbauer Topre cases I’ve used are truly beautiful, special objects."
—Tech journalist Ryan Whitwam writing for ExtremeTech

"This is my second Norbauer product and boy, he just does not disappoint. ... There is such a comforting solidity to the whole thing. ... Relentless pursuit of perfection in case design"
rberg6868 on Keebtalk

"Almost 3 months after receiving my Monolith, I am just in love with it as the day I got it. No other keyboard even interests me anymore, they are mild curiosities at best. Nothing even comes close to this beauty. This is everything I wanted in a board, it is my endgame, and I don’t see it being bested any time soon!"
tusing on Keebtalk


Incidentally, those are the Galaxy Class keycap set, which I also designed. ;)

Pics from buyers around the web (Reddit, GeekHack, etc.) 

ninjapirate on GeekHack


Beatnutz_ on Reddit

—TheEerieCold on GeekHack (Justin), NorbaTouch in Retro Refrigerator (full album)