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Norbaforce Stainless Steel Rear-Cover Weight

Norbaforce Stainless Steel Rear-Cover Weight


This much-requested upgrade mod to the Norbaforce is a PVD-coated stainless steel backing plate that more than triples the weight of the stock rear cover plate, increasing the overall assembled weight of the keyboard and providing a denser, more acoustically-dampening material across the back of the housing. Each plate is hand finished and given a PVD layer, a durable high-end coating process employed on luxury watches.

These plates are designed to be compatible both with the original Norbaforce and the forthcoming Norbaforce Mark II. 

This is a group buy pre-order, scheduled to end on July 17th. Finished plates will ship approximately two months thereafter. If you see a unit in stock after that point, it is one of a small number of planned extras and is available. It will ship with the rest of the back-plates when they are delivered in the fall.